“3001: The Final Odyssey”

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Basic info
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Genre: Science Fiction, Documentary
Series: The Space Odyssey series
Publisher: Voyager Books, Del Rey Books
Published: 1997

“3001: The Final Odyssey”


“3001: The Final Odyssey” is the final of 4 books for the Space Odyssey series.

Dr. Frank Poole, the astronaut who was killed by HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” revives in the year 3001 after a millennium.

Poole faces culture shocks in an extremely advanced world, and continues the adventure. His intention is to save humankind from the catastrophe.


Frank Poole:
His freeze dried body is discovered after 1000 years. He was killed by HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” However, he gets revived thanks to improved science. He plays a vital role in this novel.

Dr. Indra Wallace:
She is an expert in history, particularly the 21st century. She is a guide for Frank Poole, and they eventually become family and have children named Dawn Wallace and Martin Poole. They separate after a while.

It is a life form consisting of HAL 9000 and David Bowman. Halman communicates with Frank Poole, and inform about monoliths. Halman makes significant impacts on the course of this story.

Dimitri Chandler:
He is the captain of Goliath. He mines ice and finds Frank Poole’s body.

Professor Anderson:
The medical doctor Anderson revives Frank Poole, and rehabilitates him with Dr. Indra Wallace.

Dr. Stephen Del Marco:
He finds a monolith in Africa, which was placed on the earth by aliens to evolve humans.

Dr. Theodore “Ted” Khan:
He lives in Ganymede. He interprets religions as mental disorders. The belief of people is 1 of the major themes in this novel.


The mysterious ancient life form called “First-Born,” evolved into space-faring beings over the millions of years. They believe that the mind is the most precious and facilitate development of intelligent creatures across the universe. The monoliths are the ones made by these creatures for this purpose.

It has been approximately 1000 years since the first trip took place by the spaceship Discovery. AI computer HAL 9000 killed Frank Poole, the astronaut of the Discovery in the initial novel, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Frank Poole surprisingly resumes his adventure in “3001: The Final Odyssey.” The frozen body of Frank Poole is found in the Kuiper belt by the space tug Goliath, and he gets revived.

Frank Poole is taken back to the earth in the year 3001, and he finds new technologies, for example, the brain-computer interface called BrainCap, a dinosaur made by gene engineering and space elevators. Genetically modified velociraptors are used as servants in gardening, for example. The mind can take in information in a blink by using the BrainCap. In addition, 4 huge elevators are placed in even distance around the Equator.

The black monolith of the moon, discovered in 1999, named Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One (TMA-1) and transported to the earth in 2006, is exhibited by the headquarters building of the United Nations.

Frank Poole finds out about the major transformation of Jupiter and its moons into Lucifer system triggered by a mysterious monolith, and the civilization of Europa, where humans struggle to approach.

Humans also live in Ganymede and Callisto, the moons of former Jupiter. Frank Poole visits Europa despite the ban, and encounters David Bowman and HAL 9000, that have fused into a semi-autonomous digital life form called Halman within the monolith of Europa.

30 years on, Frank Poole is married and is a team member of Europa observation. Halman informs Frank Poole that the monolith of Jupiter sent signals to report to the superior monolith with super intelligences 450 light-years distant 1 millennium ago, and instruction to be received after 900 years is believed to exterminate human beings. The report covered conflicts of the 20th century, and the human evolution on the earth is deemed the fatile.

The team of Europa plans to use a computer virus to disturb the monolith’s function. Halman, who resides within the monolith’s computational base, takes the role of a Trojan Horse to infect the monolith. Then Halman to transfer from the monolith to a storage medium prepared.

The monolith receives orders and intends to extirpate humans. It starts duplicating and the monoliths shade the sunlight. However, they stop functioning due to the virus infection. The monoliths decide to reorganise this operation in 900 years time or later.

Halman transfers itself from the monolith to a holographic 3D storage to survive, however, it’s also infected with the virus. In the Pico Vault, scientists steal the storage holding Halman inside. Frank Poole arrives to Europa along with other humans to build good relationships between human beings and primitive native Europans. A statement is issued that the destiny of humanity will not be ruled by the monolith creators until the last days.

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