“2061: Odyssey Three”

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Basic info
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Space Odyssey series
Publisher: Del Rey
Published: 1987

“2061: Odyssey Three”


The third novel of the Space Odyssey series is set in the year 2061, which is 51 years later from “2010: Odyssey Two” and 60 years later from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

2061 is known to be the year Halley’s Comet approaches the earth in the real world. Halley’s Comet is a short-period comet that appears near the earth approximately every 75 years.

Dr. Heywood Floyd adventures various places such as the Halley’s Comet and Europa, 1 of moons of Jupiter.


Dr. Heywood Floyd: 
He is well known for the previous space explorations. He also plays an important role in this novel. He lives in the orbit of the earth. Although he is quite old, he voyages again by a privately owned spaceship.

Christopher Floyd II:
He is Dr. Floyd’s grandson. He works as a crew member of the Tsung family’s spaceship Galaxy.

Rolf van der Berg:
He is a planetary scientist living in Ganymede, who discovers new facts about Europa. His discoveries indicate that Large amounts of diamonds have been made while Jupiter got transformed into Lucifer.

Paul Kreuger:
An uncle of Rolf van der Berg. He is given information about the large diamond of Europa by his nephew, and writes in the media.

A flight attendant who attempts to hijack the spaceship Galaxy. She is suspected to have a connection to South Africa.

Captain Smith:
He is the captain of the spaceship Universe.

Victor Willis:
A popular science expert, who is 1 of 6 famous guests invited to the Universe travel.

Clifford Greenberg:
The first man who landed on Mercury, and 1 of 6 famous guests invited to the Universe travel. He makes the most of his knowledge and previous experiences in emergency situations.

Margaret M’Bala:
She is an author who has deep knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. She is 1 of 6 famous guests invited to the Universe travel.

Dimitri Mihailovich:
He is a classical composer, and 1 of 6 famous guests invited to the Universe travel.

Yva Merlin (Evelyn Miles):
She is an eldary movie actress, and 1 of 6 famous guests invited to the Universe travel.

George and Jerry:
A gay couple, who are close friends of Dr. Heywood Floyd and Christopher Floyd II. George and Jerry look after Dr. Heywood Floyd.

Eric Laplace:
The captain of the spaceship Galaxy.

Walter Chang:
He is a pilot and the second officer of the spaceship Galaxy.


In “2010: Odyssey Two,” the aliens converted Jupiter into a sun to facilitate primitive creatures evolve on Europa. Then David Bowman ordered  HAL 9000 to send the message to the earth, “All these worlds are yours – except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”

“2061: Odyssey Three” starts by describing what happened during those years since 2010. The new sun Lucifer changed moons of Jupiter. Io is now a volcanic hell. Europa is covered with ocean and clouds in the sky. The human colonies can be found on Ganymede, where the climate is relatively moderate.

Commercial interplanetary travels, using muon-catalyzed fusion, take place. However, humans hesitate to go to Europa.

USA, USSR and China have more peaceful relationships, and a bloodless revolution outbreaks in South Africa.

Dr. Heywood Floyd, who is aged 103 years, lives in an orbital space hospital after an accident. Dr. Floyd’s grandson works at the spaceship Galaxy.

Dr. Heywood Floyd and 5 other famous guests are invited for humanity’s very first trip to Halley’s Comet. The spaceship Universe lands onto Halley’s Comet and the team members go around and carry out research.

On Ganymede, Rolf van der Berg, son of an Afrikaner refugee, sets up a hypothesis about the Mount Zeus of Europa. He is asked to become a crew for the spaceship Galaxy, flying to Europa. However, Rosie, a flight attendant, tries to hijack the Galaxy, which results in a crash-landing into the ocean of Europa. Rosie commits suicide after the failed hijack. The crew members get into the deep troubles. They find aquatic creatures there. They gradually reach an island, and name it Haven.

The spaceship Universe holds the examination on Halley’s Comet, and then rushes to Europa to rescue the Galaxy. On the way, passengers talk about Dave Bowman, monoliths and viability of landing on Europa.

Van der Berg and Chris Floyd carry out investigations on Europa. The findings at Mount Zeus prove that Van der Berg’s thesis is right. It consists of a massive chunk of diamond. The diamond is a part of Jupiter’s core, which exploded. This discovery explains the reason for the hijack attempt. The United States of Southern Africa (USSA) has intention to avoid the new discovery impacting on the diamond market.

Also the crashed Chinese spaceship Tsien, which failed the earlier mission, is found along with a 3 km long monolith. It’s bordering bright and dark sides, and called the “Great Wall.” A figure of Dr. Heywood Floyd shows up in the same way David Bowman communicated to Dr. Heywood Floyd in the “2010: Odyssey Two.” Then Dr. Heywood Floyd informs his grandson, Chris Floyd that the spaceship Universe is heading to Europa. 

The spaceship Universe arrives to save the Galaxy crew and take them to Ganymede. Then they witness Mount Zeus sinks.

An uncle of Rolf van der Berg, Paul Kreuger writes an article about Mount Zeus which is composed of diamonds originating from Jupiter. They predict that there should be more diamonds like this in orbit of Lucifer. Therefore, the diamond search around the Lucifer system for mining is recommended.

Later it’s found that a small monolith duplicated the consciousness of Heywood Floyds. An immortal Heywood Floyds stays in the Great Wall with David Bowman and HAL 9000. A physical Heywood Floyds has limited life and to pass away with no knowledge of his duplicated copy.

David Bowman and HAL 9000 believe that Lucifer is starting to fail, and the monolith will give priority to the Europans against human beings, and only 1000 years are remaining for humanity to be ready.

It’s set in 3001 at the ending, the first monolith found in 1999 is exhibited by the old United Nations structure. More diamonds are found by then, and have built space elevators using them. Finally Lucifer fades and the monolith gets active again after 1000 years.

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A novel writer and creator. Traveled to Brazil and trained football at CFZ do Rio (Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva) in Rio de Janeiro. Played soccer for the Urawa Reds (Urawa Red Diamonds), one of the biggest football clubs in Japan, and toured Europe. Retired at a young age and voyaged alone to England and graduated from UCA, the UK’s university. Established careers as a journalist, football coach, consultant, etc. across Europe such as Spain. Knowledgeable in creative and technology fields as well. The founder of “Propulsive Football” (PROBALL), the world’s first-ever competitive mixed football facilitating diversity and spirits for equal participation in society.


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