“The Sentinel”

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Basic info
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Genre: Science Fiction
Published in: Ten Story Fantasy
Publisher: Avon Periodicals
Published: 1951

“The Sentinel”


“The Sentinel” was used as the main source material to develop ideas for the 1968 movie and the novel, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Similarities can be found between “The Sentinel” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

However, the majority of parts are different. Therefore, “The Sentinel” is not regarded as the original story “2001: A Space Odyssey” is based on. Although details of the stories are different, the broad universe settings are almost identical.

“The Sentinel” was first published as “Sentinel of Eternity.” The magazine “10 Story Fantasy” published it in 1951. “Expedition to Earth” published it in 1953. “The Nine Billion Names of God” published it in 1953. It was also included in “The Lost Worlds of 2001” published in 1972.

Adaption to the movie

The pyramid was replaced with a black monolith in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Also the location was changed from the Mare Crisium to the lunar crater Tycho.


A pyramid shaped artifact is found on the moon, which mysterious aliens placed a long time ago. The piled dusts indicate that the rock-like artifact has been sending signals to space.

It gets broken by an atomic attack, and stops sending signals.

It’s suggested that the structure left on the moon may have been the sign that intelligent beings evolve on the earth.

The Sentinel (collection)

Basic info
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Berkley Books
Published: 1983

The anthology with the same title “The Sentinel,” including Arthur C. Clarke’s short stories made between 1946 and 1981, was published in 1983.

Stories found in the book are such as “The Sentinel,” “Holiday on the Moon,” “Earthlight,” “Rescue Party,” “Guardian Angel,” “Breaking Strain,” “Jupiter V,” “Refugee,” “The Wind from the Sun,” “A Meeting with Medusa” and “The Songs of Distant Earth.”

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