What is “The Space-Timer 0?”

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The Space-Timer 0

Watch all sorts of phenomena in the world from broad perspectives like viewing the universe. Named after “Space-time.”

Some people may have the impression that space is a topic of difficult categories such as “national projects, science and business.” Therefore, I came to think “I want to change space into a more enjoyable and friendly place” and “I want to make the universe into entertainment.” Aim to create values that make people, who think that space has nothing to do with them, realize that “space is interesting” and “space is familiar.”

Because space is becoming a cultural sphere for all of us, not a castle in the air far away.

Table of contents

The Space-Timer 0
Table of contents
Why is a cosmic perspective important?
Author: Takuya Nagata

Why is the space perspective important?

People get caught up in common sense without realizing it. Common sense is the general view at the moment, but not universal.

It had been believed that time advances at a constant pace, but the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein predicted in his theory of relativity that “moving at high speeds distorts space-time and time flows slowly,” which was substantiated.

Also “24 hours a day” indeed. It’s said that “1 day was only about 4 hours” when the earth was just born.”

As of the 21st century, the average distance from the earth to the moon is 384,400 km, but it is going away from the earth about 3.8 cm annually. It’s said that it was 240,000 to 320,000 km 4 billion years ago. The scenery of a big moon floating in the sky is not universal, either.

The universe subsumes everything we know. Or, it may not actually subsume. Previously, the Milky Way galaxy, where the earth is located, was thought to be the whole universe. However, the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and it’s known that there are innumerable galaxies. There is also a hypothesis that there may actually be many universes other than the one we know.

On the other hand, the universe is an empty space almost in vacuo.  “Emptiness” means “Nothing.” In other words, “0” (Zero). It may seem trivial, but it was actually a significant discovery for humans. With the concept of “0,” mathematics made great progress.

Once we take a bird’s eye view of the macro, we may see something that we couldn’t see before. Then from the mico perspective, we look deeply at the detailed phenomena of matters. Thinking in this way will open our minds, increase our insight, and give us chances to come up with new ideas.

The importance of questioning common sense and breaking stereotypes is not something limited to space science. This way of thinking is very powerful when we imagine and create something new and improve things. The significance of the existence of “The Space-Timer 0” is to assist in it.

Author: Takuya Nagata Amazon Profile

A novel writer and creator. Traveled to Brazil and trained football at CFZ do Rio (Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva) in Rio de Janeiro. Played soccer for the Urawa Reds (Urawa Red Diamonds), one of the biggest football clubs in Japan, and toured Europe. Retired at a young age and voyaged alone to England and graduated from UCA, the UK’s university. Established careers as a journalist, football coach, consultant, etc. across Europe such as Spain. Knowledgeable in creative and technology fields as well. The founder of “Propulsive Football” (PROBALL), the world’s first-ever competitive mixed football facilitating diversity and spirits for equal participation in society.


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